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Disability Advice Resource Team
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Our Values

We are a local independent disability advice and information service run on a voluntary, not for profit basis.

We are an organisation controlled by disabled people (i.e. over half of the Management Committee members have a disability).

We are a user led organisation, responding to the needs of those people who contact us for advice/information.

We provide a free, accessible, confidential and impartial service.

We aim to offer opportunities for people, particularly people with disabilities to become involved in the work of DART at all levels.

We aim to provide appropriate, comprehensive and accurate information and advice each and every time. 

We aim to empower and enable people with disabilities in order to maximise the choice and control they have on their lives.

We are working towards eliminating discrimination that people with disabilities face by raising awareness of their abilities and rights.

We are committed to providing services that are independent.