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Disability Advice Resource Team
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About Us

Calderdale D.A.R.T. was established in September 1984 and offers an advice/information service for people with disabilities and Carers living in Calderdale. We are based at Rimani House just outside the centre of Halifax.

Currently our service is limited to people with  cancer; clients referred to us by the Carers Project and to some clients with general enquiries around disability issues (subject to the capacity of this service)

The help we can give ranges from:

Simple signposting e.g. address/phone numbers of other services in the area. 

Providing advice and information on a range of issues including welfare benefits. 

Helping you to complete application forms for benefits such as Personal Independence Payment , Disability Living Allowance; Attendance Allowance; Income SupportHousing Benefit; Council Tax Benefit; etc...

Calculating whether or not you are entitled to a range of benefits including: Income Support; Housing Benefit; Council Tax Benefit; Tax Credits (Working Tax Credit; Child Tax Credit;) and any other benefits

Helping you to challenge any decisions you are unhappy with, including Disability Living Allowance, Incapacity Benefit; etc...

We can also give you advice/information on other issues such as where to find the local Shopmobility service or information about the Blue Badge Scheme or how to access the Councils Gateway to Care Service for adults etc.

We operate an appointments system and there is usually a waiting list for appointments. The waiting list is currently 2-3 weeks.